Friday, December 26, 2008

City Noises

One thing I absolutely hate about living in the city is the noises. Hate it hate it hate it. I'll take crickets chirping in the country any freakin' day. I'll even listen to nasty little frogs croaking all night long. But, seriously, this is crazy. Our neighbor's dog has been barking ALL day long. It must be some little yappy dog. Ugh. Not that we live in a big city or anything, but we live one block from the bus station and about 3 blocks from a hospital. Tonight I have been listening to yappy dog, car alarms going off, sirens, and cars all day long! Crazy!!!!

I'll take a crying baby in the country ANY day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Changing Directions

So many times over the past week or so, I've thought...oh I need to start a blog about this or that. So, I'm changing directions. :)

Change is good. Change makes you grow. I like writing, but not always about breastfeeding. I do like talking about. But, sometimes I like talking about other things. Like how my co-workers make me angry. How the "uppers" make decisions that truly effect my job without considering it. How the "uppers" ask if I really need to order ink pens. Seriously. I'd like to talk about my family. My friends. My life...not just my boobs.

I'm sure that's fine with all of you...since I really don't think anyone reads this. But, it makes me feel good to write. So I do it.

Happy Reading about the rest of me!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So, I was banned from a breastfeeding group on yahoo. Why you ask? I'm gullible. I joined another "website" that is supposed to keep track of all of your groups. I had a gut feeling it was a hoax and I went against it. A couple of days ago, the group I'm on says not to join this other website, it's a hoax. I feel gullible (not the first time, not the last), but I get over it. Fully thinking, what's in the past is in the past. This must be a warning for the future. Yeah, they won't kick me off. I had no idea.

Then, I get this incredibly rude (if you're reading, yes it was rude and hurtful) e-mail saying I had been banned. Why can a sleep-deprived, over-worked, socially-deprived mom not make a mistake? Seriously people. Get over yourselves. Get a grip. And guess what? If you're that quick to give someone the boot, I don't need you. It sounds like I need some attachment parenting moms to sweep me up and realize that people make mistakes -- even if they're breastfeeding!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breastfeeding! Pumping! On TV! Primetime!

Okay, so we're not really sitcom type of people, but I was just hanging out last night when the Worst Week came on. I'm not even sure what channel it's on...but it was great! In the first five minutes of the show, they not only talked about pumping -- THEY FREAKIN' SHOWED A MOMMA PUMPING!!!!!

Well, it went south a minute when the pumping character's soon-to-be-brother-in-law walked in on her. He did go on to say he thought "breastfeeding was beautiful." A little bit later, the momma was breastfeeding!!!!! Yes, on the show -- breastfeeding!!! It went way south here since he had a bird in his pocket, which sort of looked like he was getting too excited.

Overall, I was totally not offended. He ended up punching the bird (sorry PETA, breastfeeding humans wins AGAIN!) because the momma and her mom were getting a little freaked out. But, it really was, I think, just supposed to poke fun of those who think breastfeeding is anything sexual.

This guy did go on to try on momma's pump. By the way, it was a Medela PIS Advanced (the best I could tell from the bag & the pump). Again, not really offensive.

I'm so excited there is a show, however corny it may be, that showed pumping & breastfeeding in it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apartment Living

We're an apartment. I'm a little nervous about having a 16 month old in a 2 bed room apartment! I suppose many people have done it before and many will do it after. The little worm has just gotten so rambunctious lately. She's so full of energy. The apartment is in a downtown area -- that's a concern too. No playgrounds. No running in the streets...okay, we really have never done that before. And, we really don't spend a lot of time outside at home since we have not had a fence and we live on a corner lot. Big Worm will begin building a new house for us soon.

Apartments have an interesting rule. If there are 3 people, you have to get a 2 bedroom. What about co-sleeping babies/kids? I guess they still have their own room. We do need 2 bedroom...all the toys & little worm goes to sleep in her own room. We did look at 1 bedrooms and even studios.

We'll see how it goes!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Random...mostly breastfeeding...thoughts

Here a couple of thoughts I've had this weekend....

1. Reconnecting with a nursing toddler is probably a lot easier and quicker than a non-nursing toddler.

We were away from the little worm for 5 days/6 nights this past week. I'm quite sure she did totally fine. I hear rumors that she slept all night. When we arrived home late Friday night, we were to meet my parents at our house. I said, as we were walking up the terminal, "I would love it if my parent's could have brought Addison to meet us." It was late...about 10:45 or so. I figured they were all at our house asleep. I saw a man holding a teddy bear. I made a comment of how cute and sweet that was. Then, my little beautiful child comes running out of the crowd to me. I totally dropped my bags & just picked her up. I started crying, my mom was crying. It was so wonderful. DH later said he just had a weird feeling that they would be there. I did too.

On the way home, little worm kept grabbing my her car seat, fast asleep. I think she just wanted to make sure momma still had her nonnies.

2. Speaking of nonnies....
Little one has officially, I think, named my breasts. My cousin's kids called her "momma's ba ba's", so I tried that. Then, LO learned she always got milk before bedtime, or night night. This is were nonnies evolved from. We're also teaching her sign language. I usually skip the "milk" sign...I don't like's the motion of milking a, little A usually wants to nurse immediately following. Okay, at least she knows what milk is. But here lately, she'll do the sign for sleep (hands under tilted you're resting your head on clasped hands), pant (she's been doing this for some time now when she wants milk or is about to get it...sort of like one of Pavlov's dogs panting for water I guess), and grab my shirt.

3. No matter what frustrates me about my DH, he usually gets it.

We were watching Jon and Kate tonight. I was doing laundry in between sterilizing pump parts. He was playing some stupid game on myspace. He randomly says, "I wonder how you would breastfeed 6 kids. You'd just rotate them all the time." I was struck with awe that he never thought you'd just formula-feed the kids. The thing is, I really don't think you could nurse all 6 exclusively. You'd have to decide who get to nurse when. Twins, I think it's totally possible...two breasts, two babies. I don't really have any idea how you'd nurse higher order multiples.

4. My baby rocks.

Okay, not a random thought. I just totally love her and could stay home with her all the time. I would really love to do that. We would have so much fun. Maybe one day I'll get to stay home with her, or at least part time.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hasta La Vista 81 ounces of precious milk

Okay, well I was in Mexico for the past week....6 days, 5 nights. Since I'm still nursing my DD, I committed to pumping while there. I pump at work, so my Medela PIS Advanced and I are great friends. My hubby was very supportive of me pumping while on vacation. I planned on pumping 4-5 times per day (I was NOT pumping at night, I was looking forward to sleeping "through the night" for 5 nights in a row).

This was my first time away from DD, so I was very anxious anyway! The morning we left, I nursed DD early, then we were off. On the way down (I went with hubby and some of our dear friends), I made it through security with the pump....sir, that is a breastpump. I was so worried someone would think I was smuggling some sort of explosive device into Mexico (paranoid, yes) I think I told everyone at the airport what it was.

While we were waiting for our flight to Mexico, from Dallas, I told my friend (our hubbies were preparing their livers for the upcoming week) I was still nursing. I was nervous people would start to notice my disappearing acts. I'm not hiding the fact that I"m still DD is ONLY 15 months old. She said, "More power to you." That was weight off my shoulders. I also wanted her to know why I would be frantically running to our room as soon as we got to the resort. When we finally landed, we had to get through Mexican security. First, I just hoped "breastpump" meant "breastpump" in Mexico. Next, I knew the dogs in the airport could either (a) smell my milk in my breasts or (2) smell my fenugreek in my purse. Of course, they approached. But, it was hubby's bad they was the fudge we bought in Dallas! When we got to our hotel, we went to the room to cool off & pump. Oh, I felt better.

I pumped again that night. The second day, I pumped 4 times. Once I realized I was getting 6 to 8 ounces EACH pumping session, I cut back to 3 times per day. It was taking me 30 minutes per session of pumping...that got old quick. I never felt uncomfortable though. I did have to dump milk twice (free drinks, I think twice is good). I had saved 81 ounces of liqud gold to bring home to DD. I told our concierge what I was doing and I needed my ice packs frozen for the flight home. I suggested a restaraunt near our room. She spoke with the manager. It was a deal. I just had to take them there & pick them up the next day.

I thought I made it clear to Roberto what a freezer was. I thought he understood the difference between refrigerator and freezer. When hubby picked up the almost cold packs from the restaraunt the day we were to leave, I freaked. Actually, I think denial set in soon after. Oh, let's pack the milk anyway. Let's just see if barely-cold-enough-ice-packs will make it 12 hours home. Whatever.

I even put the milk in our refrigerator when we got home.

Then, I learned how much milk I had left from the week (that DD didn't drink). I sent about 110 ounces for the week, I was given back 80 ounces. I have plenty of milk in storage.


I've asked my hubby to trash a bag or two per day. I don't want to see it all gone at once, but I don't think it ever got cold enough to save. The milk was slightly chilly at best. Sucks, hunh?

Friday, August 1, 2008

So, how much do you feed her?

So, my MIL & FIL are keeping little A tonight so hubby & I could go on a date. When we got out of the movie, Greg was talking to his mom. She asked how much we feed her? Just curious, but do people really think I measure how much comes out of my breasts? Seriously?! So, I said "I feed her until her eyes flutter, switch sides, and feed until her eyes are closed."

That's about all I could think of! Breastfeeding is way too easy! You just stick a baby on & go. Of course, I'm beginning to know what it feels like to breastfeed a toddler. She would much prefer if I laid in the floor with my top off all day long. She acts like I"m a water fountain! :)

My SIL did comment to me once that breastfeeding should stop when the baby can lift up your shirt. Well folks, I"ve hit that point. But...I"m not stopping. It never hurt the world to have a woman who knows what she wants!

Happy Lactating!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What to do....

Two nights ago, Little A decided she wanted to stay up late. Really late. Well, let me start with how it all began...

I got home and started dinner. Greg got home. She kept saying "bah, bah, bah" (as in it sounds more like baa, I guess) while standing at the bathroom door. See, she is really a genius. So, he decided to give her a bath. Wo -- did we mess up the routine. Then, we nursed for a bit, because, like any genius child would have thought, nursing comes AFTER bath...not BEFORE we all eat dinner! Then, after a very brief nursing session, we all have dinner.

After this, she finally does settle down. I get her to sleep finally, around 8:45 or so. I take her to her room, where she promptly wakes up AS SOON AS I MOVE HER! Back to nursing, back to sleep, back to the room, awake, back to nursing....and so on and on! It was finally around 10:30 when she finally went to sleep. I go to bed to read at this time. I had just dozed off when my dear Greg came to bed and wanted to chit chat. Dear husbands. Little A wakes up about an hour later, I'm awake, Greg's asleep. The irony.

Last night, we had nearly the same experience. Of course, due to my fatigue & sheer exhaustion, I had spent part of my day researching sleeping in toddlers. I began wondering if we should cry it out (absolutely not is my answer when well-rested!), or perhaps night-wean. We're 13 1/2 months old, it could be time for that. I was so about ready to give up last night. So close. Then, I realized that A kept grabbing her mouth/lip area. I (finally) stuck my finger in her mouth to feel the eruption of tooth #13!!! Holy smokes! Boy did I ever feel like a bad mommy! Duh, it suddenly all added up. She was refusing food and even my milk at day care. She was fussy and irritable. We gave her teething tables (wonderful) and some tylenol, had a banana, and we all went to bed...happily and peacefully.

Tonight, her and Greg had dinner (I had a meeting/dinner for work). I gave her a bath, let her play a bit, gave her tylenol and teething tablets, then nursed her to sleep. She quietly and peacefully went to bed. Of course, it's only been a little while, so only time will tell.

Can I just say what a dunce I felt like? Why didn't I feel in her mouth sooner? She's been teething so fast, I wish I would have known sooner. Anyway, at least I realized what was going on. I'm so glad I didn't let her cry it out -- whatever it is! I just had a feeling she was in pain. That's the problem with cry it out...don't get me started!

Ah, the peaceful bliss of a sleeping baby....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Big Night Out

Well, we did it!

Actually, Greg already had, it was my first time. We spent the night away from little A. She stayed with Grandma and G-pa while we went on a date and spent the night in a hotel. It was really fun! I even pumped in our hotel...what fun. So, a little over 24 hours without my little munchkin & I survived! I was so anxious to get back to her this morning though!

And, supposedly she slept "through the night." She has done that approximately 3 times for us (all in a row, last July, all while we were traveling...of course).

As for pumping while away, here's what I did:
Pumped as usual at work (recently went back to twice a day -- to increase for a vacation later in the year) -- my last pumping was towards the end of the day

Pumped before bed -- sort of later than one of our normal feedings, but oh well

Slept without anyone attached to my breasts for 10 hours

Woke up to extremely full, slightly painful rocks on my chest!


So, it wasn't that bad. See, we're planning on a trip to Mexico in a couple of months. I wanted to make sure I could (1) be away from Addison for the night and (2) pump for 24 hours away. I think I could do it with 4-5 pumpings a day. Of course it's not like it's all peaceful and cozy to go 8-10 hours without pumping. It's actually quite painful!

Well, I'm proud of myself, but I sure did miss my little girl!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fenugreek Fondness

A friend of mine recently gave birth to a (large) baby boy. She said she was going to start fenugreek yesterday. It just reminded me of my fondness of fenugreek and of how much fenugreek saved me!

Fenugreek is (this is just off the top of my head, by the way) an herb that is in maple syrup...correct me if I'm wrong. So, it smells very good! I took 3 pills 3 times per day (this is, by the way, not medical advice, it is only my personal experience). After about 48 hours or so, I noticed a difference in my milk supply.

I've had to take fenugreek a couple of times over the course of breastfeeding my baby. The stuff is awesome! I've recommended it to all my friends who are nursing their babies.

So, if you're pregnant or if you had or are having issues with your milk supply, talk to your lactation consultant, midwife, or physician about fenugreek. My wonderful OB (who sadly moved to New Hampshire) was actually the one who suggested fenugreek. You don't need a prescription to get it! Also, it is sold at health food stores and places like GNC.

I love fenugreek!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breastfeeding a 1 Year Old

Sometimes it's hard to imagine I've been breastfeeding for 12 and a half months.

When Little Legs (well, her legs ARE short) was born I had extreme difficulties in just about every aspect of breastfeeding. She latched on right away (even after a somewhat traumatic birth) -- thanks only to my awesome labor nurse. I do attribute this early latch, especially for a c-section, the key to my success. My nurse, as I was bleeding a profuse amount (that story later) got little one latched on and she went to town. I couldn't sit up due to complications, so it was imperative that someone else help me. After that initial latch, I just couldn't seem to get Little Legs to eat. We started syringe feeding her about 24 hours after her birth (if I remember correctly). After about 48 hours (still syringe feeding, still trying to latch on every couple of hours), she lost more weight than she should have and she had not had a BM in 24 hours. Her bilirubin was still good, so it wasn't that serious. We started giving her formula in bottles, just so she'd not lose any more weight & she'd poop. Thanks to my awesome mom/baby nurse, she pooped! Yea! This nurse coaxed her a little bit, but we really didn't want that nasty stuff building up!

I had lactation consult after lactation only conclusion was that Little Legs needed and wanted only to nurse in front of others. She's still quite fond of that. I learned to breastfeeding in all sorts of strange positions and to do all the "normal" interventions to help with low milk supply (skin-to-skin & water were what I was doing most at this point). We went home on day of life 4. Now, we were supplementing quite a bit, actually I think most of her food was formula (some call it artifical baby milk). I knew this was not what I wanted. I really wanted to breastfeed my baby.

I couldn't give her the birth I dreamed of, so I wanted to give her my milk. At her 1 week check-up, we were given the obligatory formula by the doctor's office. To this, I was very dissapointed. I immediately called one of our hospital's lactation consultants. I knew I needed to be seen. My LC helped me get LL (short for Little Legs) latched on. We recognized my milk supply was a big issue. The LC recommended a prescription medication for my milk supply. My wonderful doctor, Dr. S, called it in to me. But, when I went in for my appointment with her (a couple days after LL's appointment), she suggested fenugreek. Ah ha! I started fenugreek immediately.

Then, we started following-up every couple of days. We'd take their advice, go home, try it, come back, weigh LL, let her eat, weigh her again. This was not a totally smooth process though. There was a day I gave LL a bottle of formula in the lactation office. I was so tired and exhausted.

Finally, on about day 10-13 (I don't remember) my milk "came in." At this point, I was pumping every two hours, feeding LL my milk, followed by formula, what an ordeal. It took about a month (it was 4th of July weekend 2007) when I gave little legs her last bottle of formula. That is the point when I finally relaxed I think. That was, by far, the worst feeding of her entire life. I sat there and cried as I gave her that bottle. She had been nursing for about 3-4 hours straight when we decided to give her a bottle.

That was a huge turning point for me. Something clicked & I just relaxed. I just began to accept that some feedings were going to take a long time. That my baby loves her mommy and wanted to be close. That some feedings were going to be every 30 minutes, all day! I never used formula again.

I've always known I would breastfeed for one year. Many of my friends have breastfed that long. Extended breastfeeding, however, is something I had never thought of. My goal was to avoid formula. Now, my goal is to wean when LL is ready. To me, it's still quitting, even at a year. Because of my struggles, I vowed, very early on, I would never quit.

Breastfeeding does that a great deal of commitment, perseverance, dedication, and most of all -- love. I have an innate desire to do the absolute best thing for my baby -- whether she's 1 day old, 1 year old, or 10 years old. After deciding to breastfeed longer than 1 year, others who have done this start appearing out of no where. I have a cousin & our pediatrician (not the same one in the beginning) who did so.

Well, LL is ready for naptime...more later.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Naming "the Blog"

First, thanks for reading...whoever you are!

This was much harder to name than I expected. I thought I was creative, but I didn't want just any old wording out there. So, hopefully the name...Milk Maid Momma...isn't too offensive to anyone. I am a breastfeeding mom of the cutest 1 year old little girl. She stole my heart the day she was born. I have been breastfeeding for 12 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days... to be exact. I felt that the wording "Milk Maid Momma" was just right for this. 

I'm passionate about breastfeeding, birth, VBAC, and books...well, of course my family too. 

So, welcome to my blog.