Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Cesarean Awareness Month...Happy?

So, April is Cesarean Awareness Month. Do you say "happy" cesarean awareness month?

There's really nothing happy about my c-section. However, I absolutely want more people to be aware of it. If only doctors were aware of the HORRIBLE side effects of cesareans, they might (just might) be more cautious in making the first cut.

I believe everyone should be aware of cesareans and their impact. If only I would have known their impact before the cut. If only my husband would have known, he could have been prepared and better able to support me. If my mom would have known, she might have been more sympathetic in the early days.

I could go on with the "if onlys" for a long time, but I won't.

The important question is....are you aware?

The BEST resource for cesarean awareness is ICAN. They saved my life. Check them (us) out --

ICAN is about educating, preventing c-sections, and helping women (and their families) recover from c-sections.