Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Posting

It has been forever since I've written anything. I'm not a good blogger. So, for those of you, if there are any of you, reading this, here's what's new in my world....

A is getting so big! She is nearly potty-trained! It's been the EASIEST phase of her life so far. We just put panties on her & she goes potty! Many times she goes to bathroom and potties all by herself. She can even wash her hands all by herself. I'm so blessed!

We're still nursing. Some days I don't think this phase will ever end. As much as I want her to self-wean, I'm nearing being done. I'm almost ready to call it quits. I know I said I wouldn't call it quits, but 28 months is a long time! I'm pretty damn proud of myself for what I've given my child. I remember so clearly the day when I thought I'd be happy with a couple of weeks. I remember the day I decided quitting was quitting (well, almost the day...more like the time frame). I remember the night we brought A home from the hospital. She was still taking a lot of formula, as my milk had not fully come in yet. We woke up with tiny bottles all over our bedroom. I remember thinking how ridiculous that was. My boobs were supposed to produce milk. We were not supposed to have bottles all over our bedroom. I know people think I'm crazy since I'm still nursing my almost 2 1/2 year old, so call me crazy. It's healthy!

We're still co-sleeping. I love co-sleeping. I love feeling A next to me. I love feeling her soft skin on my arm. I love the way she snuggles in my back. It would be nice if she could sleep in her own bed, but we're working on it!

So, what are we working on? The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers. I love Elizabeth Pantley! I've had the book forever, but I'm just now reading it and applying the principles. I'm thinking if I could get A to sleep without the boob, our lives will be different! I hate to say better, because what if she doesn't wean soon. Our lives won't be worse. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I'm along for the ride.

I am here to make sure A grows up to be a strong, smart woman, the woman God wants her to be. That's my job. To raise her right. If I do what is right for me, for her, for Greg, and for our family, I will raise her right.

If that means nursing till 3, I'm doing the right thing.