Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Changing Directions

So many times over the past week or so, I've thought...oh I need to start a blog about this or that. So, I'm changing directions. :)

Change is good. Change makes you grow. I like writing, but not always about breastfeeding. I do like talking about. But, sometimes I like talking about other things. Like how my co-workers make me angry. How the "uppers" make decisions that truly effect my job without considering it. How the "uppers" ask if I really need to order ink pens. Seriously. I'd like to talk about my family. My friends. My life...not just my boobs.

I'm sure that's fine with all of you...since I really don't think anyone reads this. But, it makes me feel good to write. So I do it.

Happy Reading about the rest of me!