Monday, June 14, 2010


Sometimes I wish....
I didn't care.
I didn't make my own salad dressing.
I'd used formula.
I didn't care about cloth diapers with baby #2.
I didn't care about VBAC.
I loved strollers for newborns.
I didn't know about aspartame, sucralose, or high-fructose corn syrup.
I didn't know about Red-40.
I didn't love to go to the health food store.
I didn't know about hormones in milk.
I didn't care about those hormones.
I didn't know or care about antibiotics in our foods.
I didn't know about BPA.
I didn't care about all the plastic I try not to throw about.
I didn't care about organic.
McDonald's was healthy.
Ice cream made you skinny.
Processed foods were good for you.
The more ingredients, the better.
Eating meat was really good for you.
It was okay to take a lot of medicine.
I didn't recycle.
I didn't compost.
I didn't want to plant my own garden.
I didn't believe in attachment parenting.
Dr. Sears, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Greene, Elizabeth Pantley, & Dr. McKenna weren't smart...or right.
I just didn't care.

But, then I pull my head out of my ass & realize I made a conscience decision to do or not do those things. I made, and am making, everyday, a conscience decision to make my life better. And more importantly, my family's life. And those who come after us.

So, I'll stick to my baby-wearing, VBAC-believing, organic-eating, junk-food-avoiding, recycling, breastfeeding self.

Suck it up. One person can make a difference. They can. And they do.