Friday, August 1, 2008

So, how much do you feed her?

So, my MIL & FIL are keeping little A tonight so hubby & I could go on a date. When we got out of the movie, Greg was talking to his mom. She asked how much we feed her? Just curious, but do people really think I measure how much comes out of my breasts? Seriously?! So, I said "I feed her until her eyes flutter, switch sides, and feed until her eyes are closed."

That's about all I could think of! Breastfeeding is way too easy! You just stick a baby on & go. Of course, I'm beginning to know what it feels like to breastfeed a toddler. She would much prefer if I laid in the floor with my top off all day long. She acts like I"m a water fountain! :)

My SIL did comment to me once that breastfeeding should stop when the baby can lift up your shirt. Well folks, I"ve hit that point. But...I"m not stopping. It never hurt the world to have a woman who knows what she wants!

Happy Lactating!

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