Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hasta La Vista 81 ounces of precious milk

Okay, well I was in Mexico for the past week....6 days, 5 nights. Since I'm still nursing my DD, I committed to pumping while there. I pump at work, so my Medela PIS Advanced and I are great friends. My hubby was very supportive of me pumping while on vacation. I planned on pumping 4-5 times per day (I was NOT pumping at night, I was looking forward to sleeping "through the night" for 5 nights in a row).

This was my first time away from DD, so I was very anxious anyway! The morning we left, I nursed DD early, then we were off. On the way down (I went with hubby and some of our dear friends), I made it through security with the pump....sir, that is a breastpump. I was so worried someone would think I was smuggling some sort of explosive device into Mexico (paranoid, yes) I think I told everyone at the airport what it was.

While we were waiting for our flight to Mexico, from Dallas, I told my friend (our hubbies were preparing their livers for the upcoming week) I was still nursing. I was nervous people would start to notice my disappearing acts. I'm not hiding the fact that I"m still DD is ONLY 15 months old. She said, "More power to you." That was weight off my shoulders. I also wanted her to know why I would be frantically running to our room as soon as we got to the resort. When we finally landed, we had to get through Mexican security. First, I just hoped "breastpump" meant "breastpump" in Mexico. Next, I knew the dogs in the airport could either (a) smell my milk in my breasts or (2) smell my fenugreek in my purse. Of course, they approached. But, it was hubby's bad they was the fudge we bought in Dallas! When we got to our hotel, we went to the room to cool off & pump. Oh, I felt better.

I pumped again that night. The second day, I pumped 4 times. Once I realized I was getting 6 to 8 ounces EACH pumping session, I cut back to 3 times per day. It was taking me 30 minutes per session of pumping...that got old quick. I never felt uncomfortable though. I did have to dump milk twice (free drinks, I think twice is good). I had saved 81 ounces of liqud gold to bring home to DD. I told our concierge what I was doing and I needed my ice packs frozen for the flight home. I suggested a restaraunt near our room. She spoke with the manager. It was a deal. I just had to take them there & pick them up the next day.

I thought I made it clear to Roberto what a freezer was. I thought he understood the difference between refrigerator and freezer. When hubby picked up the almost cold packs from the restaraunt the day we were to leave, I freaked. Actually, I think denial set in soon after. Oh, let's pack the milk anyway. Let's just see if barely-cold-enough-ice-packs will make it 12 hours home. Whatever.

I even put the milk in our refrigerator when we got home.

Then, I learned how much milk I had left from the week (that DD didn't drink). I sent about 110 ounces for the week, I was given back 80 ounces. I have plenty of milk in storage.


I've asked my hubby to trash a bag or two per day. I don't want to see it all gone at once, but I don't think it ever got cold enough to save. The milk was slightly chilly at best. Sucks, hunh?

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