Monday, September 1, 2008

Random...mostly breastfeeding...thoughts

Here a couple of thoughts I've had this weekend....

1. Reconnecting with a nursing toddler is probably a lot easier and quicker than a non-nursing toddler.

We were away from the little worm for 5 days/6 nights this past week. I'm quite sure she did totally fine. I hear rumors that she slept all night. When we arrived home late Friday night, we were to meet my parents at our house. I said, as we were walking up the terminal, "I would love it if my parent's could have brought Addison to meet us." It was late...about 10:45 or so. I figured they were all at our house asleep. I saw a man holding a teddy bear. I made a comment of how cute and sweet that was. Then, my little beautiful child comes running out of the crowd to me. I totally dropped my bags & just picked her up. I started crying, my mom was crying. It was so wonderful. DH later said he just had a weird feeling that they would be there. I did too.

On the way home, little worm kept grabbing my her car seat, fast asleep. I think she just wanted to make sure momma still had her nonnies.

2. Speaking of nonnies....
Little one has officially, I think, named my breasts. My cousin's kids called her "momma's ba ba's", so I tried that. Then, LO learned she always got milk before bedtime, or night night. This is were nonnies evolved from. We're also teaching her sign language. I usually skip the "milk" sign...I don't like's the motion of milking a, little A usually wants to nurse immediately following. Okay, at least she knows what milk is. But here lately, she'll do the sign for sleep (hands under tilted you're resting your head on clasped hands), pant (she's been doing this for some time now when she wants milk or is about to get it...sort of like one of Pavlov's dogs panting for water I guess), and grab my shirt.

3. No matter what frustrates me about my DH, he usually gets it.

We were watching Jon and Kate tonight. I was doing laundry in between sterilizing pump parts. He was playing some stupid game on myspace. He randomly says, "I wonder how you would breastfeed 6 kids. You'd just rotate them all the time." I was struck with awe that he never thought you'd just formula-feed the kids. The thing is, I really don't think you could nurse all 6 exclusively. You'd have to decide who get to nurse when. Twins, I think it's totally possible...two breasts, two babies. I don't really have any idea how you'd nurse higher order multiples.

4. My baby rocks.

Okay, not a random thought. I just totally love her and could stay home with her all the time. I would really love to do that. We would have so much fun. Maybe one day I'll get to stay home with her, or at least part time.

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