Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apartment Living

We're an apartment. I'm a little nervous about having a 16 month old in a 2 bed room apartment! I suppose many people have done it before and many will do it after. The little worm has just gotten so rambunctious lately. She's so full of energy. The apartment is in a downtown area -- that's a concern too. No playgrounds. No running in the streets...okay, we really have never done that before. And, we really don't spend a lot of time outside at home since we have not had a fence and we live on a corner lot. Big Worm will begin building a new house for us soon.

Apartments have an interesting rule. If there are 3 people, you have to get a 2 bedroom. What about co-sleeping babies/kids? I guess they still have their own room. We do need 2 bedroom...all the toys & little worm goes to sleep in her own room. We did look at 1 bedrooms and even studios.

We'll see how it goes!!!!!

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