Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breastfeeding! Pumping! On TV! Primetime!

Okay, so we're not really sitcom type of people, but I was just hanging out last night when the Worst Week came on. I'm not even sure what channel it's on...but it was great! In the first five minutes of the show, they not only talked about pumping -- THEY FREAKIN' SHOWED A MOMMA PUMPING!!!!!

Well, it went south a minute when the pumping character's soon-to-be-brother-in-law walked in on her. He did go on to say he thought "breastfeeding was beautiful." A little bit later, the momma was breastfeeding!!!!! Yes, on the show -- breastfeeding!!! It went way south here since he had a bird in his pocket, which sort of looked like he was getting too excited.

Overall, I was totally not offended. He ended up punching the bird (sorry PETA, breastfeeding humans wins AGAIN!) because the momma and her mom were getting a little freaked out. But, it really was, I think, just supposed to poke fun of those who think breastfeeding is anything sexual.

This guy did go on to try on momma's pump. By the way, it was a Medela PIS Advanced (the best I could tell from the bag & the pump). Again, not really offensive.

I'm so excited there is a show, however corny it may be, that showed pumping & breastfeeding in it.

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