Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Big Night Out

Well, we did it!

Actually, Greg already had, it was my first time. We spent the night away from little A. She stayed with Grandma and G-pa while we went on a date and spent the night in a hotel. It was really fun! I even pumped in our hotel...what fun. So, a little over 24 hours without my little munchkin & I survived! I was so anxious to get back to her this morning though!

And, supposedly she slept "through the night." She has done that approximately 3 times for us (all in a row, last July, all while we were traveling...of course).

As for pumping while away, here's what I did:
Pumped as usual at work (recently went back to twice a day -- to increase for a vacation later in the year) -- my last pumping was towards the end of the day

Pumped before bed -- sort of later than one of our normal feedings, but oh well

Slept without anyone attached to my breasts for 10 hours

Woke up to extremely full, slightly painful rocks on my chest!


So, it wasn't that bad. See, we're planning on a trip to Mexico in a couple of months. I wanted to make sure I could (1) be away from Addison for the night and (2) pump for 24 hours away. I think I could do it with 4-5 pumpings a day. Of course it's not like it's all peaceful and cozy to go 8-10 hours without pumping. It's actually quite painful!

Well, I'm proud of myself, but I sure did miss my little girl!

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