Thursday, August 26, 2010

My "For-Now" Bucket List

I saw this on Baby Making Machine's blog and thought it was a cute idea.  She did a "Baby Bucket List." What a great idea.  Things I'd like to do before my next baby.  Since I'm fresh out of ideas for blogs lately, I have resorted to gently borrowing ideas from other people.  Here's my before-next-baby-bucket-list:

(1) Get active...swim, walk, least 4 times/week.

(2) Clean out the extra bedroom.

(3) Go through old baby clothes.

(4) Go through old maternity clothes.

(5) Read all my birth books (not your old run-of-the-mill books....Ina May, Henci Goer, Pam England, Ricki Lake/Abby Epstein, Jennifer Block are in my library).

(6) Believe in myself and my ability to push out a baby.

(7) Hire a doula.

(8) Get my 3-year-old to sleep in her own bed...all night...without an hour struggle every night.

(9) Eat healthier.  (I am on my way to this, so I hesitate putting it on here, but I will.)

Hmmm....sounds more like a to-do list.  Kinda boring, but oh well, maybe I'd edit it later.

Now, off to start #1.

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