Saturday, August 7, 2010


I have no patience.  Right now, I'm waiting on two things.  Both of which, are out of my hands right now.  For both, I've done all I can do.  Both will affect me deeply, one more so than the other.  One involves my school (I did not-so-hot on a test on Friday...failing by 1 EFFING point).  It was one quiz.  I'm not the best test-taker.  But, I submitted extra credit.  So....I'm patiently waiting, while respecting my professors need for a weekend, for her to respond to my e-mails. Patiently, respectfully waiting.

The second thing I'm waiting for involves my uterus.  I ovulated 8 days ago.  I'm not very patient.  I want to know answers right now...okay, yesterday would have been better.

Regardless of what happens in both situations, I know God knows the answer already.  I know God will do what is RIGHT and BEST.  I may not understand right now.  But, I will have faith that the best thing will happen.  I have's the only thing that is helping me with the waiting!

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