Monday, December 6, 2010

My Baby Boy & My Big Girl

It's a boy! Of course, I knew it was a boy from the second I had a positive pregnancy test, but boy parts were confirmed by a professional on Thursday.  I felt different from the beginning (much like my sister-in-law's boy pregnancy).  Most people thought it was a boy.  We were all right!

I must admit, I am a little nervous about having a boy.  The dirt doesn't scare me.  Motorcycles, skate boards, and BMX bikes don't even scare me.  It's the damn frogs I'm terrified of.  I pray my son will not be a frog boy.  I really have a debilitating fear of frogs.  I've never touched one and I'm not even sure I could do it for my son.  Really.  Bring on the bikes, dirt, and really just about anything else.  If my son is anything like my husband, he will have at least a thousand injuries due to his stunts, but that's okay.  I'm prepared for trips to the ER.  I'm prepared to build a half-pipe in my back yard.  I am prepared...even a little excited.  But, please please please, no frogs.

I'm also torn as to the whole circumcision thing.  I know many people are stuanchly for or against this.  I've always had the thought my son should look like his dad.  But, now, more than anything, I'm just not 100% sure I want a piece of his body removed when he's not even one day old.  Regardless of what anyone says, it just does not feel normal, even though it is a completely "normal" procedure.  I've seen circumcisions done & it is scary.  We'll see, we have 20 weeks to decide!

Now, my big girl.  My big girl who is throwing tantrums.  My big girl who no longer has fat cheeks.  My big girl who is going to be the best big sister ever.  It's so sad, yet so exciting to see her grow into a child.  I have conversations with her.  She can brush her teeth and wash her face all by herself.  She showers alone (well, with me or daddy nearby).  She can almost get dressed alone...and undressed.  She's such a grown up little girl.

What am I going to do?  Enjoy every single second of it!

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