Monday, September 27, 2010

10 weeks, 3 days....WOW, how did I get to be that far?

It feels like just yesterday I was taking pregnancy tests and yet, I have less than 2 weeks until my 2nd trimester.

Last Friday, September 17, we had our first midwife appointment.  We got to see our little baby.  I think my husband was much more emotional about it than I was.  I think it was relief for me...relief there was a baby and relief there was only one baby.  I'm slightly a worrier.  Just slightly.  I worried I had an ectopic pregnancy.  I worried I had a molar pregnancy.  I worried I had two babies (which would have been the best of all options and we would have been happy, but TWO?).  So, I was very relieved when I saw the ultrasound.  And of course, that set of worries has been replaced by a new set (gestational diabetes and placenta previa are my current worries).

We went to Breckenridge, Colorado for a little family vacation right after my midwife appointment.  It was so relaxing and peaceful.  Some days my "morning sickness" never roared it's ugly head.  And then, there were days like last Thursday.  I barfed.  In public.  On Main Street.  At lunchtime.  Fun!  I had just eaten an amazing crepe and was feeling pretty good about everything.  I decided to try to take my prenatal vitamins (since I had been pretty bad about taking them).  I'm using Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins and you are supposed to take 6 a day.  They are a bit smaller, so it's usually okay.  I don't take 6 at once, I usually divide them between meals.  As soon as that damn vitamin hit the back of my throat I gagged.  Then, I found a pretty little tree and vomited up all of my pretty little crepe.  My poor husband and daughter.  He kept telling her that mommy just didn't feel good.

So, now, I'm back home, trying desperately to get this nausea under control.  There are some things that are helping.  Smells annoy me.  I threw up this morning just because of the smell of our plug-ins.  Out they came.  Eating protein helps.  I don't want protein.  I want carbs.  I want soft, floury biscuits.  I do not want chicken, but I eat it.  Keeping my blood sugar stable is helping.  I often eat a stick of cheese in the middle of the night to help with the morning nausea.

I ate a lot of gum in Colorado (okay, I didn't EAT it, I chewed it).  I realized the gum, although it was helping my ears, it was hurting my belly.  I remembered from my sugar-free diet this summer that aspartame can kill your insulin levels.  My body was thinking I had something sweet, so my insulin increased.  Increasing insulin will lower your blood sugar fast.  So, the drop in blood sugar cause an increase in my nausea.  I quit chewing gum and it helped quite a bit.

I will continue to eat every couple of hours (although it's not the floury, carby goodness I would so love to eat).  I will try anything to get this "morning sickness" to go away!

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