Thursday, October 14, 2010

12 weeks, 6 days

Wow! Time sure has flown by during this pregnancy!  I'm feeling SOOOO much better.  I've started taking B6.  I still feel nauseous sometimes & I have a gag reflex that is super sensitive.  I've also started taking chewable prenatal vitamins (not Flinstones).  I've always thought it was weird to recommend pregnant women to take children's vitamins.

Crazy as it may sound, I'm pretty sure I've felt this little one move already.  It's nothing big, just the little flutters.  I know what to feel for this time, so I think that's why I'm more sensitive to it.  It's such a fun feeling!  Of course, I can't wait to feel BIG movements.  I'm so excited for Addison to experience feeling the baby move too.  She's so excited and can't wait to be a big sister.....of course, she knows she already is a big sister.

Speaking of Addison, she is having the hardest time sleeping at night.  It takes at least an hour to get her to sleep.  She is very needy and still wants to nurse at night.  It's wearing me out.  I'm not sure what to, if someone out there actually reads this & you have an idea, please please please let me know.  I thought we'd let Addison wean herself, but I think she's totally addicted.  Maybe one day!

I have an appointment tomorrow.  I'm so excited to hear the heart beat!  We need to start looking for another midwife, since our amazing midwife is retiring three months before my due date!  I'm sort of dragging my feet, hoping she'll stay!

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