Monday, April 26, 2010

Obesity and Breastfeeding

Over on Facebook, just posted two articles about obesity and breastfeeding. Nothing, I tell you, nothing, gets my blood boiling faster than setting someone up for failure with breastfeeding.

Here are the articles:

Basically, one study looked at support and providing pumps. The other looked at education/counseling. (I'm seriously paraphrasing here, so please go read the abstracts!). Now, I am really glad "they" did the research. I'm glad they care (and I hope they care) about breastfeeding in obesity.

But why not breastfeeding in everyone? I contest that it does not matter the size of your thighs in regards to breastfeeding success. Breast size plays a big role in breastfeeding difficulties. As a mom who has breastfed for almost 3 years (holy smokes!) and who is very overweight, I think I have some experiences to draw from.

Boobs are boobs. I don't care if you're 100 pounds or 300 pounds. Support (literally and figuratively) is all that matters. I had an amazing support group when I chose and dedicated myself to breastfeeding. My husband and family were supportive. I had an amazing group of lactation consultants working with me. And, I had determination. I knew I wanted to breastfeed my child.

There is no pump or study that will ever make me think anything works as well as good old fashion support and counseling!

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