Friday, February 26, 2010


Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Really! Yesterday was my last day in my high-stress, not-so-appreciated job! Woo hoo for me! Now, in 2 short short weeks, I'll be in Kentucky for Frontier Bound. I can't wait.

Here's just a short recap of my less than 2 hour old day....

7:10 Wake-up...feeling rather refreshed, ready to get the day started (what a way to start!)
7:11 Nurse little back to sleep, realize trash needs to be taken out & I'm need to pee!
7:15 Go to bathroom so my bladder will be happy
7:16 Gather trash...husband says it was a little too energetic
7:20 Take trash out, happily gaze at snow in yard & relish in the fact I won't be driving in it
7:22 Meet little one in entry way
7:35 Husband joins us in living room
7:40 Coffee brewing, waffle in toaster, yogurt parfait made
8:00 Get little one dressed...complete with pig tails
8:15 Said good-bye to husband and little one
8:20 Check Farm Town, catch up on facebook
8:55 Husband invites me to come see him at the house he's building (maybe later)
8:56 Resume computer activities

Wow, how lovely. I'm having a beautiful day! :)

Seriously though, I'm going to really miss some of the people I've worked with. Some people were very challenging. If you're reading this, thinking you might like to be a manager of any sorts one day, please know there are some very very very grumpy people out there! There are people who, I'm convinced, came to work every day just to make my life miserable. You'll see very little reward. You'll feel like you accomplish very little. Managers do everything. And...everything expands every single day. Not that pay is everything, but this must be said. You make less than quite a few people who report to you. When calculated based on hourly rates, you make a lot less than a lot of people who report to you.

But, there are good things. Really. Maybe. I got to see things change for the positive. Our employee engagement increased while I was there. Our patient satisfaction increased A LOT while I was there. People wanted to work in my units. Our turnover was low at the end (very high at the beginning). Anyway, it's time for someone else to move forward! I'm off to new adventures!

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