Monday, November 2, 2009

My funny kid

I know everyone wants to brag on their kid. Really, don't we ALL have the best kid ever? Well, tonight, as challenging as my little child was, she made me laugh!

She is getting so funny! She's just like her daddy. She's very determined, independent, and smart. After a very challenging evening at gymnastics (from her pointing her finger at me telling me "no" to her running around like crazy, not paying attention), we came home a a great dinner of spaghetti. It was yummy! Well, she had spaghetti all over the place. Greg came in to the kitchen to discuss whether we really need to give her a bath. She knows what a bath is & she LOVES her baths. He asked, "Do you think we need to give an ath-bay tonight?"

Yep, we speak pig latin. We're not that fast of spellers yet! She said "I want an ath-bay." I wondered if she really knew what an ath-bay was. So, I asked her. The little stinker says, "Yes, an ath-bay is a bath." She was so matter-of-fact. Wow.

I am paying for my husband's raising! Thanks Greg!

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